mindfulmft We all know that wounding and trauma isn’t fun. No one is waiting in line for it and wishing it upon themselves or another, but the reality is you can’t heal if there isn’t a wound. You can’t deepen your relationship with yourself if you’re not tested and tried. There’s no story to tell if you walk an unwounded life (not to be confused with glorifying our wounding). Our story is what connects us to ourselves and what connects us to the people in this world who need our story, our resiliency, our vulnerability, and our growth. It’s not meant to be easy; it’s meant to be courageous and brave. It’s meant to be demanding. It’s meant to need your attention and be hard work. There’s nothing to heal if there’s never been a wound. So surrender to the learning and the trials. The wounds are always bringing you closer...never farther away. #mindfulmft ———————— * we completed our first 6 week course not too long ago and decided to run the course again in September. The Get The Love You Want digital course pre-registration is in my stories and the link in my bio. Pre-registration will give you first access and a discount code for the course so go ahead and sign up there!! We’ll see you in September!

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