jeobloy Tomorrow is the day! Suzanne Belperron’s outstanding platinum and diamond Tube Link bracelet will be sold at @christiesjewels—it currently has an estimate of 200,000-300,000 USD. @theadventurine models and explains, “The jewel is as light as air. The links have a second layer of metal on the reverse that make it possible for the piece to lie flat and sculpt into a solid bangle around the wrist. ✨ [It] is a key design in Belperron’s history, [appearing] in the February 1948 Vogue advertisement officially announcing the transformation of the Herz company - where Suzanne had worked since 1932 - into Herz-Belperron. 📝 During the war the owner Bernard Herz was arrested by the Nazis and killed in Auschwitz. #Belperron - who had also been arrested then released - remained in Paris during the Occupation to preserve the jewelry company for Bernard’s son Jean who was a prisoner of war. Herz-Belperron flourished until the owner and designer retired in 1974. ✨ The firm was revived by New York jewelry legend Ward Landrigan and his son Nico in 1999.” 🔗 #beplatinum

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