edensassoon MOM : a woman who’s soul expands after 9-10 months of having A LIFE grow inside her😬 she is the porthole for the spirt to birth. She then stands by you while you explore all options of life ♥️ she provides love, protection and calm WHILE LOVING YOU UNCONDITIONALLY TILL WE MEET AGAIN IN SPIRIT FORM 💯💋 Thank you to all STRONG WOMEN for taking on that ROLE with such grace- it’s not easy but it’s more fulfilling than anything I can even imagine 💪🏼 let’s celebrate MOMS as a collective in the true nature of a TRIBE! CHEERS TO MY TRIBE!!!! 💫✨💥 #happymothersday 2018. @beverly_sassoon @jadeloop 🌈

May 13, 2018 4:07 PM 53