eizagonzalez This book really changed my life completely. I’m a perfectionist so overthinking decisions was one of my biggest issues. Until I read this book and realized it was out of my control most of the time and educated myself on realistic decision making. Immerse yourself in the discovery of how when you think you have control, your subconscious has already decided for you and it’s taken actions, your brain is always ahead of you. David Redish educates you on how your brain is so powerful and informes you about the real speed it’s working on so you can understand in a deeper sense and work along with it. Basically tells you what your brain is THINKING like a brain whisperer!( ugh soooo cool! 🤓 ) From PTSD and fear associations, flashbulb memory he walks with you in an easy guide book to release yourself. He addresses the science of morality, motivation and how to recognize and work with addictions. This book is truly fascinating and a life game changer. I’ve read it 3 times in different stages of my life and have found new answers every time! Please enjoy I hope this helps you as much as it helped me.❤️ oh... and he thinks I’m holding food 😂 #themindwithinthebrain #neuroscience

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