iamvalc What I’m most grateful to dance for is its inclusive nature and its ability to unite people from completely different walks of life in a graceful, thoughtful way. Thank you to @dancewithmeusa for hosting me, Glen Rock you were incredible Jersey you are incredible, JODY!!!! You were incredible. Thank you for the dance thank you for being a part of our growing family. Dance With Me isn’t about one person or one thing, it’s about every person that walks through those doors and the collective effort from us to do everything we can to make your day just a little bit better. We won’t solve every problem in your life, but I promise dance will make those problems just a little less important. #dwmfam #dance #life #joy #health #happiness #everyonecandance #everyoneshoulddance #lifeisfullofmagic . . Our instructors are wheelchair certified teachers and for anyone even remotely interested in taking a leap of faith and venturing outside of their comfort zone... our doors are open, the floor is yours. You can reach out to any of our locations to find out more @dancewithmeusa

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