sharingopinions ~ Hey guys, it's Quinn 🎶 ~ Agree or Disagree? ~ I am gonna get so much crap for this caption, but here we go. I can’t deny that Beyoncé is talented—she is! She has a beautiful voice and I think she’s pretty too lol. I also think Beyoncé can put on good performances because she dances a lot and still manages to sound good. However, I’m so tired of people worshiping every single thing she does. She does a performance like the one at Coachella and I hear about it for days. I’ve seen videos online of parts of her Coachella performance and I’m just like “okay, I don’t see why it’s a million times better than every other performance.” This is just how I feel and I’m not trying to be rude to Beyoncé or her fans, I just don’t understand why everyone worships her. ~ DM me all your unpopular opinions and I will post them anonymously! (Don't worry—I won't judge 😉) ~ Not My Opinion Written On Picture --- #Beyoncé #Coachella

Apr 17, 2018 5:31 AM 161