rescuedogsrocknyc Update On Duke Here is Duke at our SA Vet Partner, Callahan Road Animal Hospital , being examined last night As suspected , X-rays show a broken spine 😞 Our Vet at Callahan stated that Duke has been in this very same condition for at least 2 months most likely much longer than that He was definitely hit by a car causing these injuries months ago His injuries are old , the scrapes and abrasions have calloused and he has no feeling in his back legs So he does not feel any pain due to the paralysis His right leg and the muscle in that leg is completely constricted from months of being not used and he will need an amputation The left hind leg is in tact and will need a few laser treatments to heal and close the wounds Remarkably our Vet states , Duke is strong with a will to live He’s eating and drinking very well And it’s a miracle he survived like this on the streets for so very long He will remain at our Vet Partner until he’s well enough to move to his foster home which is already in place and they are excitingly waiting for him ❤️ Thank you @marlenefazekas for agreeing to help find Duke a loving home All we really want for Duke is to be as healthy as possible and have a home to shower him with love and a kind hand to help him His road will not be easy , he’s a young dog , completely paralyzed but he’s got a strong and wonderful spirit that will shine through always 🌟 #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc #betheirvoice #adoptisthenewshop #adopt #love #dogs #rescueismyfavoritebreed #voiceforthevoiceless #adopt #nyc  #whywerescue #weeklyfluff #dogsofinstagram #dogsofnyc #foster #newyorkcity #rescuedogs

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