susiesseniordogs **EDIT: ADOPTED!!** (near) BIRMINGHAM, AL: 8 year old Ginny thought for sure her dream home would come through after her first post on SSD. But she had minimal interest, and then no follow up. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ After a series of neglectful owners over the course of her life, Ginny was surrendered to the shelter by her most recent owner who never once tended to her needs in their two years together. Now that she's reached her glorious golden years Ginny is really hoping to land in the best retirement home ever! She deserves it all. PLEASE SHARE! ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’› Calhoun County Humane Society wrote, "Ginny has been down this rehoming road before. She was adopted out by a rural rescue to someone who, it turns out, could 'not be bothered.' For two years, he could not be bothered to have her groomed or taken to the vet. Ginny has lost a lot since coming to the shelter: a mass of painful, matted hair, two kidney stones, a mammary growth and a hernia! She hasnโ€™t at all lost her quirky personality. She loves everyone and walks right on up for her well-deserved pets. Since surgery, she has been in a foster home. She promptly picked out her favorite bed and soft gray-and-pink toy and made sure all the other dogs knew there was a new queen in town. Her activity level is good, she loves her bed and blanket and feeding time is an event. Ginny likes to sing for her supper and dances until her food is served. She also does the sweetest snort before napping and frequently snores as she sleeps. She is a true character, like the little old lady with the purple hair who just doesn't give a care! Though untried with cats, she is so chill, she should be fine. Ginny's health needs are managed with 3 low-cost heart medications and a special kidney diet. Every penny you spend on her will be magically transformed into golden drops of unconditional love! Out-of-state adopters are fine, but Ginny's adopter would need to come to the shelter or within a reasonable distance to meet a shelter driver partway." To adopt Ginny, please email the shelter at to submit your application. Calhoun County Humane Society is located at 1201 Parkwood Drive, #Anniston, AL. โค๏ธ #seniordog #alabama

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