amme_b_shop I know I’ve posted about this before BUT just wanted to give a little shout out to my brow page @ammebbrows !🌸 I’ve entered into the cosmetic tattoo world and I would appreciate any support I could get ♥️ It’s been SUCH a fun challenge for me over the past few months of my life and I can honestly say I LOVE microblading not only because it is so rewarding but because it is another creative outlet for me that leaves me feeling very fulfilled🌸 I’ve had to work really damn hard to make this happen while also continuing to grow my handmade lingerie shop, but it’s so worth it!🌸 I’m located in Dallas Texas so I know most of y’all don’t live close, but I wanted to post again just Incase some of you would be interested in my services!🌸 I’m VERY lucky to have the support I already have, thank you for supporting all of my creative endeavors over the years 😊💘Soooo excited for future growth in both of my careers in the next few months and years!!🌸 Follow my brow page for frequent updates, I promise I won’t be too punishing about it on this page from now on!!🌸 #microblading #microblade #microbladingbrows #brows #eyebrows #natural #fluffybrows #hairstrokes #vegan #crueltyfree #pmu #cosmetictattoo #cosmetictattooing #semipermanenteyebrows #dallas #texas #nomakeup #microbladedbbrows

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